Brabant Development Agency Visits the Forum Group

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is convinced that entrepreneurship is the principal driver for innovation. One can think of the development of promising key technologies and climate-neutral solutions. Therefore this agency aims to engage with dozens of companies in the province of North Brabant every year. Investing in new collaborative schemes promotes the growth of the ecosystems in technology development that are wanted, according to the BOM. Thus, as an executive body of the province of North Brabant and the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, it forms a bridge between government, research institutes and business.

On Thursday, February 29, it was Forum Group BV’s turn. Various participants from the province, MEA, BOM, Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Dutch Industries for Defense & Security (NIDV) visited Breda International Airport during what’s been dubbed the Brabant Tour. Acting as host during the event’s morning session, CEO Stef Have explained the possibilities offered by his overarching Forum Group and, more specifically, the role of the Breda International Airport (BIA) and AEC Skyline operating companies. Topics included area development, aviation, IT and training.

Breda International Airport offers high-quality offices and business space, is extremely suitable for R&D purposes and is also taking significant steps towards sustainability. The airport is also home to a growing number of (aviation-related) companies including various EASA approved training organisations together with Orange Aerospace, engineering and manufacturing pioneer in the field of sustainable aviation.

AEC Skyline, in turn, has been a trusted partner of the Netherlands Ministry of of Defence for over 30 years. It also supports the defence & aerospace industry as well as research institutes such as TNO. The company offers a wide spectrum of advanced aerial services, including close air support, electronic warfare and adversary air training, remote sensing and calibration. Meanwhile, the critical data solutions branch of AEC Skyline has an extensive portfolio of C4ISR services and products, ranging from data links, MANET SDR, LTE and SATCOM communications, cloud and software solutions to secure roaming services (Whisper Hosting). Also offered are state-of-the-art video wall and sensor technologies, not just for military applications but for public safety purposes too.

During the Brabanttour’s morning session, Brainport Innovation & Technology for Security (BITS), the innovation alliance that celebrated its first anniversary the day before and which includes the Netherlands military, was also covered. In the afternoon, participants moved to Rijen where they were informed by Gate2 about its range of activities.

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