About Forum Group

About Forum Group

Forum Group B.V. was established in 2005 as a real estate investment fund for social real estate and real estate related operations. Successful with various projects at home and abroad, the company has built a unique international network. Following the acquisition of Breda International Airport (formerly airport Seppe) in 2008, Forum Group B.V. has invested on a large scale in the aviation business. With its 10th anniversary Forum Group B.V. has left its previous name Forum Real Estate B.V. behind.

Investment criteria

Business acquisition
Forum Group B.V. is always looking for companies which, can complement our existing group portfolio in the depth or width and can offer cross-selling opportunities. Furthermore, there has to be a “Management Buy Out” candidate present at this company, which has made its mark in the industry and company. The last requirement is that the company has a good financial track record and prognosis.

Starting a joint venture or set up an office in the Netherlands
For a foreign corporate it can be opportune to start a joint venture with Forum Group B.V. Thus it acquires a large local network as well as a cost-effective business structure of a very high level. Altogether you will obtain an experienced partner in Forum Group B.V. with the same financial goals, which will continue each phase of project development from strategic planning through production or operation.

At this point Forum Group B.V. is a strategic investment vihicle with an active and supporting role in its operating companies. This allows its subsidiaries to retain their identity on the one hand and on the other it obains growth and investment opportunities in its core business, corporate support and as Forum Group B.V. we achieve synergy through our collaboration.

Added value

Forum Group B.V. is partner in aviation for the government, defense and corporates. In this demanding niche, Forum Group B.V. is able to participate in risk with your business issues. The combination of excellent knowledge of Corporate Finance with extensive experience in aviation, 150 years of flight experience and over 100.000 flight hours on airliners, warplanes and -helicopters, Forum Group B.V. is a suitable partner for many customers.

The following disciplines are part of our expertise level:

  • Airport Management & Development
  • Pilot Training & Selection
  • Ferry Flying & Test Flying
  • Airborne Serveillance & Simulation
  • Fast Air Support & EW

Our team

Stef Have

CEO Forum Group B.V.

Pieter Cobelens

Chairman - Advisory Board
Forum Group B.V.

Gen. Maj. (b.d.) MIVD

Jill Koster


Natascha de Waard - de Jongh


Natascha de Waard - de Jongh


Patrick de Jong

Business Unit Manager
Critical Data Solutions - AEC Skyline

Jasper Raaijmakers

Deputy Accountable Manager
ISR & Fast Air Support - AEC Skyline

Bart Smael

Deputy Accountable Manager
Southern Cross International B.V.

Gary Wells

Director / Partner
Southern Cross Aviation Inc.

Gary Wells

Director / Partner
Southern Cross Aviation Inc.

Jan Voeten

Breda International Airport N.V.

Martin Schoonderbeek

Director / Partner
PBSim B.V.


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